A Green Living In Plano With Hardwood Floors

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Adding hard wood floors to Plano homes can make a green living statement, despite what you may think about putting dead trees down as your flooring. Sure, you are thinking that supporting the destruction of acres of forested areas cannot possibly make a positive difference in the world, but have you considered bamboo as a hardwood flooring choice? Bamboo products have all but invaded the mainstream shopping trends, with everything traditionally made of wood coming in a bamboo version these days. Why might bamboo be the right choice for your hard wood flooring if you are into green living?

The most popular wood used in hard wood flooring today can take decades, even centuries to reach the point of maturity that they can be cut down and used for wood flooring. This means that as demand for the floors grows, more and more trees are cut down that can take a very long time to grow back. Bamboo, on the other hand, is not actually a tree at all. Bamboo is actually a woody grass that grows very quickly. Where most trees harvested for wood flooring can take decades to grow, bamboo is ready for harvesting for wood floors in five years. Once a bamboo shoot is cut down, it starts to grow back almost immediately. Where you may have to wait years to see a tree sapling start to grow back to replace the tree that was cut down, you will see new bamboo shoots within days.

Bamboo also has the distinct advantage of being able to grow almost anywhere. You can find the woody grass in almost any climate around the world, and you never see just one or two bamboo shoots. When you come across bamboo, it is growing densely, just like other grasses. Bamboo is plentiful, fast growing, and relatively inexpensive compared to many other hardwood flooring choices. As bamboo is one of the most renewable materials used in hardwood flooring, that makes it the obvious choice for hard wood flooring that will mesh with your green lifestyle.

These days, everyone is concerned about the environment. With forests being flattened at alarming rates and natural habitats of many animals being destroyed at record speeds, it is the duty of everyone to take into consideration what they are doing to the environment. From there, it is our duty to take steps to make a positive change. If you are considering remodeling and you would like to add hard wood floors to a Plano home, seriously consider the possibility of using bamboo as your wood of choice. Mother Nature thanks you.
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A Green Living In Plano With Hardwood Floors

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This article was published on 2011/01/06