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Bamboo fencing can turn a drab backyard into a relaxing space that brings to mind the laid back feel of a tropical resort or private getaway. Or, depending on the style of fencing you choose, you can go for a more East Asian look. The flat planes of Chinese and Japanese bamboo fencing gives off a zen-like calm. But bamboo fencing has been gaining popularity for more than just its aesthetic appeal.

From an environmental standpoint, bamboo stands out as the material of choice. You might be surprised to learn that bamboo is not wood. It's a kind of grass that grows very quickly with little impact on the environment. It takes a lot less time to grow bamboo compared to trees. Bamboo can be ready to cut and use in under 7 years. Compare that to a tree, grown and harvested for wood products, which can take between 50 and 100 years.

With bamboo fence panels you are getting a very durable product. It can be expected to last upwards of twenty years as long as the panels are not placed on the ground. Bamboo fencing is dried and then cured after it is harvested. Its natural coating of wax helps to prevent damage from water or mildew.

Bamboo split fencing is different from regular bamboo fencing. Regular bamboo is used as it is grown, in one piece. The split type of bamboo, on the other hand, comes from only the outer part of bamboo shoots. The pieces are joined together with galvanized wire. This type of bamboo often comes in rolls for use in fencing.

There is a wide variety of bamboo panels available. They come in many sizes and designs. Some panels are made completely of 100% bamboo, while other panels may be made using wood for the framing. A bamboo panel can be used in many applications, like garden edging, rolled fence panels and privacy fencing.

Bamboo fencing can be found just about anywhere. Most home improvement stores will have bamboo fence suppliers, and they will carry most of the bamboo fence supplies that you will need to both set up your bamboo fence and maintain it properly. For example they will offer the bamboo fencing materials, bamboo gates, bamboo fence panels, stains, and even hardware for assembling your bamboo fencing.

But the rolls and panels also come in woven bamboo, which is made of smaller canes held together in bundles. Another fencing style is split bamboo, which, as the name implies, is made of the outer surface of the bamboo cane tied together with wire.

Bamboo fencing comes in different styles. The most common ones are made of either 1" diameter poles or " diameter canes and held together by galvanized wire. Another style is woven bamboo, made of smaller canes held together in bundles. There's also split bamboo, which consists of the outer surface of the bamboo cane, also tied with wire. Aside from looks, your choice of bamboo grille depends on how sturdy you require the fence to be.
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Bamboo Fencing

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This article was published on 2010/11/12