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Many people are now looking to give an oriental flavor to the garden, and this can mean adding elements which have a Japanese or a Chinese heritage. One of the ways that many people do this is to add Japanese ornaments to the garden, but by far one of the more common ways to add an oriental feel is to install bamboo fencing. The good news is that there are many different types of bamboo fencing to choose from, and these can add various styles to your garden very easily, and can also be installed for a low cost if that is something you need to consider. What to consider when choosing bamboo fencing?

One of the more common types is rolled bamboo, which in effect is a fence made of bamboo grass and rolled up. In order to install this you simply unroll the bamboo stalks, which are held together by bamboo grass or other type of wood, and then fix the bamboo fence to bamboo poles in order to complete the whole appearance. This can be a fairly cheap option but yet add a good element of privacy and makes the garden look very relaxing.

The other option that should be considered is to use bamboo panels, which can be set between fence posts made of indigenous wood or by using bamboo poles. If you use panels there will be a much higher level of security and privacy, and so if this is important this is definitely the way to go. In order to cut down on maintenance you may want to look at buying synthetic bamboo panels, since these are amazingly weatherproof and yet still give you the authentic appearance.

Take a look at the various styles of bamboo fencing available to you and you will be surprised at how wide-ranging the choice actually is.

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Bamboo is the Thing

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This article was published on 2010/03/27