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Every year March 6 months, on Town, County, Henan Province, Gleditsia love villagers are often busy, but their hearts are warm, and face smile overflowing, because the merchants who came from outside the province province have gathered here, waiting for the acquisition of their bamboo curtain.

Gleditsia Shue Estate, for the villagers, this is a harvest season, the ancient bamboo in their way to catch a solid rich "bridge."

Doing business with the Gleditsia Shue Estate, the villagers felt that the merchants were also very nice: "Here's bamboo at reasonable prices, villagers character Ye Hao, who do not want to purchase here?"

Beautiful, strong goods

Fraternity County, bamboo has a long history and a reputation far and wide.

As early as in the Qing dynasty, the production of bamboo products Thanh Hoa town, was elected to the court as the Queen's goods, "Thanh Hoa bamboo" has well-known across the country overnight. In the Qing Dynasty, love county has a special Jin-Ji Liang-town, the four provinces of bamboo passenger hall, and gradually developed into a trading center at that time the North bamboo. 1914 County 14 kinds of bamboo goods fraternity also participated in the United States held in San Francisco, 10000 State tournament merchandise, foreign businessmen praise their mouth without a break.

The eighties and nineties, in support of the local government, many folk artists who showcased unique skills, but also began

"Thanh Hoa bamboo" in legend.

Now, 20 years of history, love bamboo research institutes, dedicated to the protection and development of bamboo cultivation, design and development of more than 300 new varieties, all available for free use of bamboo processing households. Among them, they flower antique bottle more than 10 bamboo products, is still winning at home and abroad.

Through the research institute design, tested, and then drawing from the research institute coming up to the local farmers to do. Such a way that has greatly enhanced the productivity of the villagers. The villagers are able to use overtime hours to do can also use free time to do, the cost of bamboo greatly reduced. In the new varieties and new styles can be a better price situation, the villagers increase production efficiency, income would receive a significant upgrade.

Bamboo has brought new house and his wife

In fact, the kinds of grain from the farmers starting this line of thinking, Zhang villagers simply no way to prosperity, or even solve the problem of food and clothing. They are less than 2 per capita cultivated land subdivision, a year comes from several large baskets of food also. But thanks so birdcage, bamboo and other bamboo products, like a sheet covered with new houses, like political books, and married the daughter of rural households have more than a dozen.

Fraternity County-grown bamboo, only 300 million kilograms, when the fraternity County bamboo industry rapidly expanding, the annual production of bamboo used in bamboo more than 20 million kilograms or more, so local production of bamboo is no doubt drop in the bucket, wholly inadequate.

At this time, the field of bamboo flocking to love, a lot of businessmen aimed at this opportunity to become a bamboo business career choice. And annual production of more than 1000 million pieces of bamboo together, love counties north of the Yellow River formed a large raw bamboo, bamboo goods trading market, more than 400 bamboo stalls, operating 100 households. The formation of bamboo market, naturally led to the local catering services and transportation industries have emerged, each of the original bamboo trading volume more than 20 million kilograms.

Similarly, the bamboo industry, strong, contracting bamboo farmers begun to pay attention to the bamboo forest management and protection. Seeing this situation the local government also introduced the policy, since 2001 to abolish the special product tax, 5 years, agricultural tax relief for part of the bamboo forest, irrigation water and electricity charges by half, the introduction of this policy, so that mu fraternity County Bamboo a real glow of vitality.

The local bamboo, though a small, but the quality of the character better than the field of bamboo, so do not worry about the buyer. But the government and the villagers could not recognize that excessive logging, the government introduced the policy of logging restrictions, the local bamboo can not meet the needs of the market, most of the bamboo used in the field.

Under normal circumstances, a moderate yield of bamboo every year people bought about 10,000 kilograms of bamboo, the preferred local bamboo, and only then in the field. LIAN Xiao-shun the villagers think that this thing is actually very simple, not much energy costs every year, as long as timely watering, you can manage the bamboo forest, a year also have a few thousand dollars of money income.

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Bamboo Off New Industries

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This article was published on 2010/10/08