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gucci Gucci bamboo bag is another classic package section, and horses, like the title button, bamboo has become a totem of Gucci design elements, development of bamboo products including gucci: gucci bamboo handbags, gucci bamboo wallet, bamboo gucci glasses,wholesale Juicy Handbags gucci bamboo belt, etc., together with the spring and summer of 2010 and bamboo tassel details, Hsinchu section Gucci new bamboo is more present the perfect package. The presentation gucci bamboo handle bag and wallet gucci bamboo decoration.

gucci bamboo bag history.A curved bamboo, how much charm, let and horse title buttons, dark red ribbon, diamond pattern design elements, like a totem of Gucci, over the years through different material embodiment of the purses, handbags, wallets , belts, jewelry, sunglasses, scarves, table wear, and even sculpture, gold high heels into thin heel. This first package from the history of the development of bamboo gucci Let's talk about.Bamboo bag (Bamboo Bag) Gucci products in the world now has a special status. Today, gucci bamboo bag from 3,630 yuan in the local take-off, up to 5000 yuan. This is just the price of a typical design, with the ostrich, crocodile, python and other exotic leather produced several times more jump. This first in 1947, gucci bamboo handbag designed as a classic example of craftsmen keen to highlight the strength of its adorned with wisdom's side strain during the war policy Embarrassment of rationing supplies.

After World War II, the global shortage of raw materials, luxurious materials more difficult to find, Gucci designer brains, imported from Japan could take the time to experiment with bamboo - roasted steam heat, soften the bamboo bending in a semicircle, handle made of leather bags, with four metal rings in series, connected to the pig body bag. A "0633" was born on such a bag. At that time Japan was defeated, not that the Italians used bamboo to pay tribute to the oriental culture, the most important is the roasted black and bamboo on the Mountain of Mountain of exposed joints reminiscent of the leather saddle, still trying to pass in the plight of luxury information. gucci late from 40 to 60 years, launched a series of bamboo handle bag with classic design, the unique design of its products and fine materials, as gucci symbol of elegance and luxury.

gucci bamboo handbags bamboo handbag launch a popular fifties and sixties was lady, actress rolled in the hand, the more fame as the only one of the classic Gucci design. Gradually, it also had a romantic name "Bamboo Bag" (bamboo package). Britain's Princess Diana 80's to today's French first lady Carla Bruni are its fans. Gucci re-examine this 2010 classic brand, launched Gucci new bamboo festival package, Hsinchu, Gucci bamboo bag new series of materials were to 140 different styles of models, all of the Gucci in Florence in the workshop craftsmen hand-assembled completed. Process is exactly the same system of law and the original version, but requires 13 hours of skillfully refined to ensure that the details perfect. simply reflect the quality of bamboo gucci bag, gucci autumn and winter 2009, package transmission luxurious bamboo serves temperament, in fact, reflect the quality of the more simple and more, in particular, like,wholesale Replica Juicy Handbags loaded with casual clothing and commuting a very practical bag.

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Gucci bamboo handbags

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This article was published on 2010/12/15