Organic Cotton May Be the Future of Clothing and So Much More

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Cotton has long been a major source for clothing manufacture and a popular choice even today. The addition of polyester as in combinations of 60% polyester and 40% cotton has become the preferred mixture due to the fact the polyester helps make the material more wrinkle resistant and easier to retain the color or whiteness with which the material began. Dress shirts, sheets, blouses, and pants are all made using some sort of combination that includes cotton. Today’s modern methods produce an organic cotton that is a far more sustainable product that is manufactured using recycled materials and those fiber crops which are from sustainable growth plants. Recyclable clothing can be found at yard sales, good will and other thrift stores, and even in department stores including high end retailers.


We abide by the three “R” concepts environmentally


The move toward sustainable clothing has been around for centuries but currently the trend has taken on a more serious intention as we move toward becoming a more conservative and self-sustaining world and that means environmentally we adhere to a philosophy that leans toward a 3 “R” concept. Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. We simply cannot continue on this planet without learning how best to make things last, keep our environment clean, and help keep our landfills from becoming overfilled. The word sustainable means keeping the supply stocked, using only plants that can reproduce rapidly, and especially keep our planet “green” by reusing everything we possibly can.


Bamboo is perhaps the most sustainable of all


Fabrics made from bamboo (a perennial evergreen) are proving to be an environmentally sound decision that makes use not only of a very sustainable plant, one which grows rapidly and needs no agro chemicals or pesticides to maintain it, but has proven very effective as a material that is soft, resilient, and highly attractive in appearance. Baby clothing and blankets, adult clothing, edible (bamboo shoots) varieties, construction materials, and even medicines such use are international and many date back for 1000 years and more.


  • Chinese medicine has found bamboo useful for centuries to treat infections and promote healing. It is a good source of nutrition, protein, and potassium and is low in calories while tasting sweet.



  • Clothing manufacturers have discovered that bamboo creates very soft and pliable materials for making clothing in every form from baby blankets to farmer’s coveralls.



  • The highly insect resistant bamboo has been popular for centuries as material for homes and other buildings as well as fencing, furniture, and cabinetry.


  • Young bamboo shoots are used in many Asian broths and other dishes. Sap from young stalks can be fermented and made into sweet wine called ulanzi or soft drinks. Older plants or the woody growth is hollow so has many uses as utensils for cooking and even as chopsticks.


Overall both organic cotton and bamboo are proving valuable assets


Highly sustainable and self-sufficient is what our world is all about and today we must keep that foremost in mind with whatever we use or consume.

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Organic Cotton May Be the Future of Clothing and So Much More

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Organic Cotton May Be the Future of Clothing and So Much More

This article was published on 2012/07/21
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